Monday, December 7, 2015

Geo Energy Res: Breakout above 0.150 observed, will further upside be seen soon?

Current price at 0.152, let's wait and see if it can reach our target at 0.158...

Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2015 9:47 AM
Subject: ************* Geo Energy Res: A move seen above 0.150 a positive, price 0.151
From yesterday call, we have kind if seen a move above the 0.150 psychological resistance level with a new recent high formed at 0.152 today. This is a good sign with buyer trying to push the boundaries and raise the high seen over the past few days. A positive in the short term for now if it can close and maintain above the 0.150 new resistance turned support, with target to 0.158 then 0.170 as mentioned previously. MACD positive with volume strong too, RSI and Stochastic both trending upwards with more legs to the rally.

Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2015 10:19 AM
Subject: *********** Geo Energy Res: Potential breakout above 0.150, price 0.148, Bullish Rounding Bottom spotted.
Geo Energy has traded below the 0.150 psychological resistance for more than a month since breaking below it in October. We have seen a Bullish Rounding bottom pattern taking shape with it approaching the resistance at 0.148 – 0.150 level. Any breakout above the 0.150 level can be a confirmation of a recovery back to 0.158 then 0.170 first. MACD has just crossed above the zero mark which can see some momentum coming back especially if sellers at 0.150 – 0.151 clear out. Stop loss at 0.147 on a breakout. Stochastic also trending upwards firmly with more room to go. Let's see.

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