Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cosco: Breakout above 0.500 INDEED seen..... more upside ? Now at 0.525.

Merry Christmas and congrats to those who managed to lock in some positions yesterday. Protect profits now !

Sent: Wednesday, 23 December, 2015 10:01 AM
Subject: ************** Cosco: Breaking new high with volume, momentum may continue above 0.45 now. price 0.47
Cosco has been trading upwards over the past few days and even breaking above the 0.45 resistance again. News last week of proposed merger of its parents seems to be a positive for it even though it is mentioned that at this stage it will not involve Cosco. Well, we never know. Some value can be unlocked for Cosco if it is involved eventually. 0.45 would be the temp support for now with range to 0.50 likely. Any further breakout above the critical 0.50 can see more upside before it consolidates again higher.

14 Dec 2015
*COSCO: Proposed merger between the shipping businesses of its Chinese parent, China Ocean Shipping, and China Shipping Group has been granted the regulatory green light to proceed. The reorganisation of its parent will not involve the company for the time being

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