Wednesday, July 22, 2015

StratechGroup: Breakout SEEN AS per yesterday CALL...... now at 0.049

Did you manage to lock in some positions yesterday for the breakout we seen today. Can the 0.050 resistance be taken out too ? now at 0.049

Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 9:59 AM
Subject: ******** StratechGroup: Supported strongly above 0.040, a potential breakout play, price 0.042
StratechGroup has been trading in the range of 0.040 to 0.043 for about a week and seems to have found a bottom and holding really well above the 0.040 psychological support level. Clearing above 0.043 – 0.044 can see it start to move higher towards the critical 0.050 resistance and attempt a breakout like we have seen in May. AS LONG  as 0.040 is a support now, there can be a opportunity to move towards 0.050 with a Bullish Rounding bottom spotted. Stop loss can be at 0.038 for any long positions to cap losses. Breaking above 0.050 can see it trade to 0.060 fast as we may average up further to ride the upside.

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