Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Genting SP: Are we seeing a firm SUPPORT BREAKDOWN AGAIN ?

Now at 0.875 !!! More downside from here as mentioned previously?

Sent: Monday, July 06, 2015 9:36 AM
Subject: ******** Genting SP: Still looking as it negotiates the 0.90 support again, price 0.895
Genting is back below the 0.900 psychological support again today after just briefly rebounding up 2 cents last week. Today we have seen a new recent low at 0.89 on top 10 volume so this could prove more selling pressure ahead if even this 0.89 breaks down. Target to 0.84 then 0.80 as mentioned. Put in watchlist for any CFD sell positions to ride the downside further if support breaks down.

Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 5:17 PM
Subject: ****** Genting SP: Breaking down below 0.900 crucial support would be a negative, monitor, price 0.895
Following up from previous call, we are still seeing Genting SP trade below the 0.94 - 0.95 resistance level. Today we have seen a slight breakdown below the critical 0.900 support level which is not a good sign with it even closing below at 0.895. Note that staying below 0.900 in the coming days may see more weakness with 0.89 buyers clearing out too. CFD SELL can be used to ride any downside below 0.89 as mentioned previously with target at 0.84 then 0.80 possible. Buy stop loss at 0.915 for any short positions. All 3 moving averages are still pointing lower with MACD also crossing over negatively which can lead to more selling momentum especially below 0.900. Cautious long position

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