Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ezra - Breakdown of key support level spotted Yesterday

More downside ? price at 0.25 now.

Sent: Tuesday, 23 June, 2015 9:28 AM
Subject: ******* Ezra - Breakdown of key support level can see more weakness, price 0.27
Breaking below 0.27 – 0.275 can start to see more weakness as it heads lower to find a new low. Cautious any long positions as we can see it trade to 0.200 on more sell down below 0.25 temp support level.

Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 9:33 AM
Subject: ******** Ezra - Back to tight consolidation phase, can go either ways, note levels, price 0.295
Following up from previous Sell call, Ezra has indeed traded lower and touched a low of 0.275 before finding a support base for consolidation. Range is quite tight from 0.275 to 0.30 now and it can go either way beyond this level. Any breakout above the 0.300 support turned resistance level may lead to a rebound it recover some lost ground towards the 0.35 then 0.38 level. However, downtrend still looks intact and a further breakdown on clearing of 0.27 – 0.275 support level buyers can pave the way to 0.200 eventually where CFD positions can be used to ride any downside. Have traded sideways for more than a week as it finds a new direction with 20 day MA still pointing downwards aggresively and longer term MA line still sloping down firmly. Cautious long below 0.27.

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