Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rowsley: A series of buy calls then target hit today !!! price 0.21

Were you informed to accumulate again for the upside?

Sent: Wednesday, 1 April, 2015 9:49 AM
Subject: ******************** Potential Breakout: Rowsley - Breakout seen fast yesterday. price 0.190
Has hit our 2nd target at 0.190 today on strong volume. Given the huge surge upwards seen, would be also good to take some profit first. May find a temp support around the 0.184 – 0.185 level which was yesterday’s high at today’s opening. Resistance likely at 0.190 – 0.192 which also coincides with the 100 day MA line, may consolidate awhile within this range before more direction. Breaking above 0.190 convincingly can open the way to 0.200 then 0.215, raise stop loss to 0.183.

Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 9:17 AM
Subject: ******************** Potential Breakout: Rowsley - Breakout seen above 0.170 finally. price 0.173
After trading below 0.170 for about 2 weeks, we have finally seen a breakout on top 10 volume above the 0.170 psychological resistance level which coincides with the 20 day short term MA line. This can lead to more upside to 0.180 then 0.190 in the near term. Stochastic indicator has reversed upwards with MACD indicator looking at a bullish crossover which can lead to more momentum especially on this price action. Stop loss at 0.167 for long position. As long as 0.170 holds as a new support, still good for a rebound back to its previous consolidation seen in Jan and Feb this year. Entry can be from 0.171 to 0.173.

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