Monday, September 29, 2014

Follow up ******************** Potential Breakout: Tuan Sing - Testing 0.43 resistance again ... now 0.435 (Now 0.45)

Touching OUR FIRST TARGET AT 0.45 NOW, can it crossed above ? let’s watch !

Clients were informed the previous week of a potential BREAKOUT !!

Sent: Friday, September 05, 2014 9:11 AM
Subject: Follow up ******************** Potential Breakout again: Tuan Sing - Next resistance at 0.425 key.... now 0.42
Following up from previous BUY Breakout call, Tuan Sing has indeed broke above the 0.400 convincingly and hit a high of 0.425. Has since consolidated from 0.400 to 0.425 for about 2 weeks and seeing some price action today again on TOP 20 VOLUME. Any break up above the 0.425 again can see it trade to 0.45 then 0.50. Momentum still looks good to go as long as 0.400 holds as the near term support stop loss at 0.39 currently. Raise stop loss to 0.415 on a clear further breakout and continue to ride.  J high as of now is also 0.425. Can consider accumulating on dips above 0.400 also

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